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"Representation was carefully considered; as a girl, Sibby is a minority at the skatepark, but her experience isn’t written through a victim narrative. Rather, Skateboard Sibby exemplifies the possibilities of learning self-confidence through skateboarding."

"Skateboard Sibby is a great book for all youth, and I would argue a refreshing read for adults as well. I’m grateful for a generation that gets to read books like the one Clare O’Connor wrote."

Skateboard Canada Magazine for the full review.

"Written by first-time Halifax author Clare O’Connor, Sibby beautifully captures kid feelings, life, and language."

"With an observational touch reminiscent of Judy Blume, O’Connor unravels her characters’ quirks and feelings."

Quill & Quire for the full review.

“Change is hard for a lot of people and how Freddie and Sibby reacted to their changes is very relatable. Sometimes, when life changes quickly, we forget who we are and what we stand for, but with a little bit of time, understanding, forgiving, and help from friends, we often find our way back. This book deserves more than five stars!”

HW Book Reviews for the full review.

Author's Notes

Quill and Quire identified Skateboard Sibby as a helpful classroom resource “to provide an entry point for anti-bias and inclusive language and to open up important conversations on gender, self-identity, and inclusivity.” I am thrilled to think that Sibby might be used to engage and spark dialogue on such important topics.

To support the book in being used in this way, a resource was created and is available for download.

I would love to receive feedback from parents, educators, librarians, and any others who could suggest ways to improve on this resource. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

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